(LEGACY) Upgrading to Hotcakes 3.xx from DNN CMS

Please Note:  This article was only relevant for version 03.00.00 of Hotcakes Commerce CMS and no other version.

If you're new to Hotcakes as of version 3.0, this article doesn't really apply to you.  You can proceed to upgrade Hotcakes using the documentation.

General Background

In legacy commercial versions of Hotcakes, the upgrade process was a bit different.  Beginning with version 3.0, upgrading of Hotcakes has a few prerequisites that you should be aware.

As of version 3.0, Hotcakes Commerce is a fully standalone e-commerce CMS.  This means that when you upgrade Hotcakes, you're now upgrading your entire site and not only the core e-commerce solution.

Upgrading from DNN CMS

If you're currently on DNN CMS and running Hotcakes Commerce, you need to be aware of the upgrade path.  Hotcakes Commerce 3.0 is a distribution of DNN CMS 08.00.03.  If you've already upgraded to any version of DNN CMS newer than that, then you won't likely be able to upgrade to and use Hotcakes 3.0.

If you're upgrading from any version of DNN CMS earlier than 08.00.03, then simply upgrade using the Hotcakes upgrade documentation.

If you're upgrading while on DNN CMS version 08.00.03, you'll still upgrade using the same Hotcakes upgrade documentation, but you'll have one additional step.  You'll need to visit the URL below, where you replace example.com with your own domain name.


The Evoq edition of DNN CMS is not supported, only Platform.

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