Release 03.07.00

Hotcakes Commerce is Ready for you!

Version 03.07.00

We have numerous updates in this release to address all kinds of bugs. It was truly a team effort with 42 commits, 63 files changed, and 8 contributors.


As always, please test your upgrades on a development/staging version of your site first. Be sure to fully back up your websites prior to upgrading, and merge any noted viewset changes as desired. We're not responsible for any Hotcakes that get burnt.  *wink*

Downloads & Installation/Upgrade Packages

You can download Hotcakes at any time from the downloads page.

Release Notes

This is a feature release of Hotcakes Commerce, an open-source e-commerce CMS.

The release notes continue after the Sponsors and Contributors below.


Open-source is not free. We're so GRATEFUL for the following people/organizations for sponsoring developers to work on this release!

Sponsorship is Powered by GitHub Sponsors and ensures that this project lives and thrives. Please consider contributing any amount.

THANK YOU to the following rockstars!


THANK YOU to the following community members for participating in this release!


THANK YOU to the following partners for participating in this release!

Release Note Prefixes

The following prefixes are defined as:


  • SI: Replaxced Stripe Payment Provider & Now Also Supporting 3-D Secure. - We've completely rewritten the Stripe payment provider for you. (Issue 395), Thanks, @VAlmea
  • SI: Replaced PayPal Express Payment Gateway and Pro Payment Provider. - We've completely rewritten both PayPal Pro and Express to use their newest API. (Issue 49), Thanks, @jldelatorre
  • SI: Cache the Store Settings by ID and GUID. - This is a client-contributed update to improve performance. (Issue 389), Thanks, @mtrutledge
  • SI: Add an ApplicationIntent="ReadOnly" Option for Select Queries. - Improved performance by executing read-only queries when it's only a read action. (Issue 391), Thanks, @mtrutledge
  • SI: Improved Email Address Validation. - Updated email address validation to cover more kinds of email addresses. (Issue 421), Thanks, @mtrutledge
  • Updated the Entity Framework to the Latest 6.xx Version. - Improved performance by replacing the old Entity Framework with a newer one. (Issue 430), Thanks, @ArielBlanco1990

Maintenance Updates

Viewset Changes

Viewset changes often happen with most releases as we add new default features, fix bugs, address browser compatibility issues, and so on. As you might imagine, some of these updates are "nice to have" while others are very necessary updates to improve how your store functions for your customers.

It is ALWAYS recommended that you compare and merge any viewset changes that may have occurred from release to release.

At the very least, you should always review the Cart, Checkout, CSS, JavaScript, and local resource file updates when there are any. These are areas that can directly affect how well your store is performing.

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