Export Products

Please Note: This feature is disabled when using Localization.


The Export Products feature allows you to save a copy of your entire store catalog in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.  This allows you to have a way to view and edit your products on your desktop computer.  The spreadsheet can then be uploaded back into your store to add new products, update products, and even update or add other related product properties.


The following information is required to already be known:

  • How your products will be displayed when on your site
  • Product details (e.g., price, types, variants, categories, images, etc.)
  • How to use Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheet software
  • Store administrator login access on your site


When entering the store admin area, hover over the Products menu and choose Products or click the Add Products button on the Dashboard view.

Dashboard view showing the two different ways to navigate to Products

Like most admin views, you will see a left navigation area.  At the bottom of this area you will see an Import from Excel button.

Products page showing the export to Excel button

A file download dialog will appear.  Save the Excel spreadsheet to the desired location on your computer.

Large Exports (Background Download)

In the event that Hotcakes determines that the product export file will take more than a quick moment, you will be notified telling you that the export will continue in the background.  

You will be e-mailed once the background process is complete.  The e-mail used to contact you will be the e-mail address associated with the user account that's currently logged in and making the export request.

Once the export is complete, you'll now see that file available for download on the product catalog listing view.  Once you download the file, it will no longer be available until you export it again.  No other users will see your product export file, just as they won't be notified of your background export completing. 

If you wish for everyone to be notified and see the background exports, you'll need to use a single user account to login and manage the site and product catalog.  However, we strongly suggest that you avoid doing this, as it will be very difficult and maybe even impossible for you and your team to perform audits of any activity on the site regarding this user account once multiple people use it.

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