Creating a Product


No two E-Commerce businesses are alike, which is why Hotcakes Commerce offers several features that will customize the way your products are displayed. For reference please read the following documentations prior to adding a product to your store:

  • Product Variants
  • Product Inventory
  • Product Types
  • Product Type Properties


Prior to adding a product business owners must have the following information:

  • Product name
  • Product SKU 


The Catalog dropdown located in the navigation bar is where you will find the options to customize how your products are viewed by your audience.


In order to add a product to your store your product must contain a SKU as well as a Product Name.


After adding your product SKU and name you can select your product type. Creating a product type will help your business maintain its inventory and provide customers with several options such as colors, sizes, etc. Once you change the product type other options will appear below. These are customized in Product Type & Product Type Properties. Please read the documentation on these two features to learn more. If you’re a third party reseller you will want to add the Manufactures or Vendors to your products. You can read more information about this here.

Hotcakes Commerce gives businesses the ability to optimize their product pages by making it simple to add Meta Description, Keywords, and Titles. For more information on using the SEO options within Hotcakes Commerce and how it can help your business you can read this blog post.

Some E-Commerce businesses might sell products that are either tax exempt or pay a different amount in taxes, such as wine. You can create a custom Tax Schedule for your product line in Hotcakes and then show select different tax schedules based on product requirements. Documentation on this feature is here. To finish your product settings you will add your images, shipping costs, and decide whether or not you will add reviews.


After adding your products information you can now select the choice variants and update your inventory. Choice Variants are used when merchants offer products in multiple colors or had price changes based on size and would like the images or price to update when a consumer makes these changes. An example would be if a business owner added several images of a T-Shirt in various colors to their store and would like the image displayed to change from a blue shirt to a red shirt when a customer selects the color “Red” from a dropdown. Read more about Variants here. The inventory section allows you to choose whether the product will be removed from your store when inventory runs out or show in your store that stock is low when you reach a set number of products.

You can select to offer Volume Discounts, manage customer reviews, info tabs, and customize the related items that show in your store.

In order to increase sales in your store we suggest that you add Related Items to your store by choosing items that would pair well with your product. You can select what products show up in your store here as well.

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