Creating a Pricing Group


Pricing Groups can be used to give groups of users a specified price. An example of this would be offering members of your staff a percentage off products or members of your E-Commerce stores Community a discount for registering for your site.


Prior to creating a pricing group you will need to know the following:

  • The name of the pricing groups you wish to create
  • The discount you wish to give each of the groups


You can find “Price Groups” under the “People” section of the navigation bar.

Once this opens you can select “New” and add the parameters of this discount. Pricing types can be a percentage off the cost, a dollar amount discount, or even a price increase. Adjustment is the percentage or dollar amount that will be adjusted.


After you have created the pricing groups you can assign these groups to your customers by clicking on the PEOPLE section of the navigation bar and selecting CUSTOMERS. Choose the pricing group that you wish to join that customer to and click save.


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