Exporting Transactions to Quickbooks


Hotcakes Commerce not only allows you to import your order transactions to Quickbooks, we make this process as easy as possible by reducing the number of steps required to make this happen.  Now, you spend less time doing this task overall, allowing you to focus on more meaningful tasks.


In order to fully take advantage of the content in this article, you should have:

  • Administrator access on your website or store
  • Basic understanding of Quickbooks
  • Access to your Quickbooks software
  • Hotcakes Commerce version 01.07.00 or newer


Before you begin doing anything to export and import your transactions to Quickbooks, you should first have some background knowledge.  

Your product catalog has a direct impact on the way that your data is displayed in Quickbooks.  Product Types are used as an account name in your Chart of Accounts.  If you have two types of products, Training and Books for example, they each will have its own account in Quickbooks.

Orders and Shipping are each also shown as another account and their configuration is outlined below.

Quickbooks Configuration

If you haven't already done so, you'll need to perform a one-time configuration of Quickbooks setting in Hotcakes.  You'll find these settings on the Orders page in the Admin menu.

Select Orders from the Admin Menu

Once there, you'll see a new section for Quickbooks.  Enter values for the account name that you wish to use for the Order Account and Shipping Account.  These values should already exist in Quickbooks to map to accounting already in place.  If you haven't already been using any specific account names in Quickbooks, just know that these values will represent the order transactions and shipping line items in your Hotcakes store.

Set the account names for Quickbooks

Now you simply need to click the Save Changes button and configuration is done!

Exporting Orders

If you've already use the Order Manager, this step is going be incredibly simple.  If you haven't you simply need to know that you can filter the orders you're looking at in any number of ways using the controls on the left.  To do this, first go to the Order Manager in the Orders menu.

Go to the Order Manager

Next, filter the orders by any desired search criteria.  For example, the image below has specified a custom date range and chose to only show paid orders.  Once you have the orders shown that you would like to export, simply click the Export to Quickbooks button.

Filtered orders in the order manager to export

You will be prompted to save the export file in Quickbooks (IIF) format.  Save it to a location on your computer that you'll remember.  

You're done on the Hotcakes side!

Importing Orders 

Importing orders is done completely in Quickbooks.  Once you're logged in, you'll want to import the IIF file you just saved.  Click on the File menu, go to Utilities, Import, and then choose IIF Files.

IIF import menu in Quickbooks

Once your transactions are imported, you can begin to work with them in Quickbooks as if you've entered them yourself.

Viewing Transaction Information in Quickbooks

In order to see all of the transactions for an account, click on the account name that you specified in Hotcakes.  A new window will appear with all of the transactions for that account.  You'll then be able to choose any specific transactions to see the line items (splits) for that transaction.  Each transaction memo will show the order number for the transaction in Hotcakes.  The account name for each transaction is the name of the customer that paid for the order.

Account transactions in Quickbooks

Each order could have multiple transactions.  In these instances, your totals may be split across the transactions.  

Opening transactions in Quickbooks

Deposit To is the Order Account field in Hotcakes.  The From Account column will contain the Product Type and Shipping Account fields that you assigned in Hotcakes.

Transaction splits in Quickbooks

If you want to see transactions for any specific product type, choose its account name (Product Type) in Quickbooks and you will be able to pull a report of that product type.  The product types will be splits from the main account.

Account Report in Quickbooks


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