Product Choices


Product Choices allow consumers to make choices regarding a product they are purchasing. These choices can be a specific size, color, or format of a product being sold.


Before adding choices to your products please verify that the following steps have been made:

  • The product has been added to your store. Read Documentation on this here.
  • Read the Documentation on Product Variants. Product Variants will update the product pages image, sku, etc based on the selections your customer makes.


You can add choices to your product by selecting “Choices – Edit” in the Product menu.

Hotcakes Commerce provides multiple ways to display choices on your product page. For this example we are selling cycling shirts that will be available in three sizes. For this we will select our choices to be viewed as a Drop Down List.

We selected to have this choice change inventory, pictures, prices and/or SKU which is a Product Variant. I selected this option because I want my inventory to update when a customer purchases their size. You can read more Documentation about Product Variants here. To update the product SKU, click Edit on the right side of the screen.

Once you have added choices you can select Choices – Variants to add images of your product in multiple colors.

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