This is a working list of some of the terminology that you might see or hear as you work with Hotcakes over time.

Word Definition
Container A container is kind of like a micro-theme, where it only applied a specific styling to a very specific section of content on a page.   A theme package should include a set of complimentary containers, in addition to the set of themes.
Content Management System A "CMS" is a collection of features and capabilities that together allow you to professionally manage your web presence, without the assistance of anyone technical.  These capabilities include things like content creation, page/user/security management, digital asset management, and more. 
Control Panel A control panel is the bar that you see when you're logged in as an end-user that's authorized to edit the site in some way. It will be docked at the top of the page after you login.
Module This is a mini-app that can be applied to any page to display virtually any content you can imagine. 
SEO Search engine optimization is the methods you choose to employ to make your website products and other content rank higher on search engine search results. 
Theme (Skin) A theme or skin is the term used to describe the design that's applied to any individual page page. 
Theme (Skin) Package This refers to the collection of themes that together make up a complete set of themes that were intended to work together to display your web presence, using your branding and brand identity. 
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