How to Change My Password

Changing your password should be something you do fairly regularly.  Doing so keeps your user account much more secure against the unsavory types of people that might try to illegally access your site.  

The steps to change your password will always be the same for all Hotcakes customers, but where you look for these steps and how those step appear may vary slightly from site to site.  For example, your user account link might be at the bottom of the page, while someone else might have it at the top of the page.

First, login to the site using the user account whose password you intend to change.  For the examples here, we're logged in with a superuser account named "host."  Click on the user account link to view your user profile.

Now that you're on your user profile, click to edit your profile.

Now you're at the correct place to change your password.  Just make sure you select the "Manage Account" tab, and expect the "Manage Password" section.

Now all you need to do is verify your current password, and enter a new one based upon the parameters you see on your site.  Depending on who implemented your site, your password might have higher or lower security requirements shown.

That's it!  Enjoy your new password.

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