[LEGACY] How to Activate Your Hotcakes License

Outdated Article

This article is outdated as of Hotcakes version 3.0 and only useful for reference.


You have likely been using Hotcakes in trial mode up until now.  In order to use the full capabilities of Hotcakes though, you will need to activate your license.  This will allow you to add support for additional sites, servers, as well as using a production payment gateway.  Only the test gateway is enabled in trial mode.


The following pre-requisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • Administrator or superuser access on your site
  • A license key or invoice number from the DNN Store
  • A user account created on HotcakesCommerce.com


The first thing that you need to do is purchase a license from the DNN Store if you don’t already have a license key.  Once you do, come back to this article.  Don’t worry.  We’ll wait…

Your DNN Store invoice number can be found in your confirmation email as well in your purchase history on the DNN Store site.

PLEASE NOTE:  You should only activate your license on a production website only. 

All development workstations that are associated to a valid license can continue to use Hotcakes under trial mode free of charge.  Any other development workstations are only allowed to be used in trial mode for up to 14 days.


Video: Activating your Hotcakes Commerce License

Now that you have your license key or DNN Store invoice number, you need to login on the CMS and then go to the Hotcakes Administration page.  You can either follow along with the documentation below, or watch the video on the right – or both if you really want to. 

Hotcakes Administration in the Control Panel's Admin menu

Once in the Hotcakes Administration area, choose Licensing under the Settings menu.

Licensing in the Hotcakes Settings menu

This brings you to the license manager.  It will ask you to login or create an account on HotcakesCommerce.com.  Please note that this account will be directly associated with your license.  Essentially, it is the "owner" of the Hotcakes license.

Login using your HotcakesCommerce.com account

The first time at this page, you will not see any licenses available.  You will need to perform a lookup by clicking the Lookup My License button.

Click the Lookup My License button

In this form, simply choose the way you want to find your license, add the necessary information, and then click the Lookup button.  Be sure to double-check your license number or email address/invoice number before looking up your license.

Enter your lookup information

If your license is not found, then the email address and/or user account you used do not match up with a valid license.  Try to correct the information and try again.  If this continues to happen, please contact support or reach us through the community

The more likely result is that your license is discovered and listed as shown below.  If you want to activate your license now and you’re on your production server, click the Activate License link.

Click the Activate License link

You will be prompted to make sure that you really mean to activate the license now.  This action cannot be undone.  Click the OK button if this is your production server.

Click OK to confirm your license activation

If you clicked OK, your license is now activated.  Congratulations and enjoy your Hotcakes!

Hotcakes license is activated


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