Generate a REST API Key


Using an API key is a very common thing for pretty much any online application these days.  It consists of a long string of characters that typically appear to be random.  Hotcakes Commerce also requires an API key for other applications to “talk” to it.  Follow the documentation below to generate your own key.


You must have an understanding of or the ability to:

  • Login to the store as a store admin


If you don’t already have one, you cannot proceed without having store admin access.  Ask your store administrator or site administrator for this access if you feel you need it. 


If you are logged in as a store admin, you will be able to enter your store admin area.  This will bring you to the dashboard.  One of your menu options will be Admin.  If you hover over that menu, you’ll see an API page.  Choose that page.

How to get to the API are in store admin

This will bring you to a page where you can manage access to the API for your store.

Allow Clear Operations

The first area has a button that will set the API to allow two potentially dangerous API calls as described in the text.  If clicked, an API call will be allowed to delete all categories and products until the printed time expires.  Any data that is destroyed using the API calls this enables cannot be retrieved.

Enable Clear Operations for API

Current API Keys

It should be noted that you should rotate your API keys on a regular basis to ensure a more secure level of access to your store.  This would involve creating a new API key and updating any applications that are currently using an old one with that new key.  Once you do, revoke the original API key that was in use.

You should also consider keeping the number of API keys you generate to a minimum.  The primary reason is that this ensures a higher level of security for your store.  This also makes it easier to manage since this is an area that is not commonly accessed.

The Current API Keys section will list any API keys that have already been generated.  Initially, there will not be any keys available to use.  Simply click the Create New API Key button to create one. 

Click the Create New API Key button

Once an API key has been generated, it will be shown with a link that allows you to remove or “revoke” API access.

Multiple API keys with the revoke option highlighted

Now you can use that API in that applications that you are trying to connect to your Hotcakes Store.  That’s all there is to it!


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