Product Inventory


Hotcakes Commerce provides E-Commerce business owners with inventory management tools that make managing inventory a simple process.


The following information is needed to start managing inventory:

  • Existing product information already added to E-Commerce site (sku, product name, description)
  • Number of product available in inventory
  • How your products will be displayed when inventory is low. For example: businesses can choose whether a product will display that inventory is low, if a product will be removed from the store when inventory runs out, or if a product can still be purchased even if inventory has run out.


When entering a product you will see the inventory option on the left side of the screen. You are able to add inventory of this product here.

Inventory Mode is where you would select if this product will be shown in your when inventory runs out or if you want it removed. On the far right select “Add” “Set to” or “Subtract” from the drop down and in the box to the right add the number of inventory you wish to add. For instance, if you have only 10 shirts in your inventory you would do “Set to” and then place 10 in the box. This will update the inventory. To look like this:

If someone buys a shirt, the “On hand” section will drop to 9. Once your store inventory reaches 4 shirts the store will display “LOW STOCK” to consumers.

Inventory can be updated and managed through the Rest API. The Rest API can be used by programs and computers to access your store information for importing, exporting, and reporting. You can create a new API key in the Admin section of the navigation bar.


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