Requiring a Drop Down List Choice for a Product


It doesn't matter if you have a product with it's own choices, shared choices, or variants.  If you're displaying the choices using a drop down list, you might want to make sure that one of the drop down list choices are selected before the customer can add the product to their cart.  This is an incredibly easy thing to do and you don't even need to get your developers or designers involved.  


The following pre-requisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • Basic understanding of products
  • Store administrator access
  • Familiar with creating choices


Adding choices in this case is done nearly the same way as any other product in your store catalog.  The process for a required drop down list selection is amazingly simple and the differences are outlined in the instructions below.


Once you have a set of choices created, we'll create a new one that will be a placeholder, if you will.  This new one can have whatever text you want, but something like "Select One" or "- Select One _" might be a great way to further identify to your customer that this is a required action.

Add a new choice (option)

Once you've created this new choice, click the Edit button to edit it.  Make sure that this "Select One" choice has both the "Is a Label" and "Is Default" checkboxes checked.  

Make the choice a label and default

You can now save your changes, and although it's not required, you might want to move it to the top of the list of choices.

Save your new choice and move it to the top

Now when you go to view your product with this change, you'll see that the "Select One" option is selected upon page load, and the add to cart options are replaced with a warning message, telling the customer to choose the options before they add the product to the cart.

Select One is chosen by default and the product cannot be added to the cart yet

When the customer does select the drop down list, the "Select One" option will not be selectable.  It is only a label and therefore only the other options can be chosen.

Select One is not able to be chosen, but other choices are

Once one of the valid selections are chosen, the customer will be able to add the product to the cart.

Valid choice selection allows the product to be added to the cart


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