Creating Promotions


Creating a promotion is a great way to generate buzz around your business. Promotions can be something as simple as a seasonal sale that is offered throughout the store or a discount offered by using a specified code.


The following information is needed prior to adding a promotion to your store:

  • Type of promotion you wish to offer and who will receive it


By navigating to the Marketing section of the navigation bar you can select the option for “Promotions”.

First select what type of Promotion you wish to create. For this example we selected Offer: With a Coupon. And will offer customers free shipping when they enter coupon code: FREESHIP2013 while checking out.

First select the Enabled option and then decide if you will allow this offer to be used alongside others. For example, if a consumer has a discount code for 5% off and also a discount for FREE SHIPPING, do you want to allow them to use both? Create the Promotion Name and add a start date to the promo. The Customer Description is the text that would show when the customer checks out using the promo code.

Under Qualifications you can set the rules for this promotion by going to the drop down and selecting the option that fits your promotion. For our offer we selected When Order Has Any of These Coupon Codes. After you select that option you will see this:

Enter your coupon code here. You can add as many coupon codes as needed.

On the Actions side select your Action from the drop-down menu. For our promotion we selected “Make Item Free Shipping” and hit “Create”. Click Save Changes.

Businesses can use the promotion feature in many ways. For instance, if you want to offer an additional discount to your employees for the holidays you can create a promotion based on Pricing Group. This promotion is set up in the same way that the previous is but this time you would select Offer: By Price Group.


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