Product Variants


Merchants who offer products in several sizes or colors will benefit from using Product Variants when adding products to their store. Product Variants will update the way a consumer sees your product page based on selections they make. For instance, if a consumer is shopping for a shirt and the shirt is available in red, blue, and black but your default image is a black shirt and the customer selects red adding a Product Variant will change the image from a black shirt to a red shirt.

Product Variants will display on your store and will change the image or price based on the customers selection.


The following items must be in place prior to adding a Product Variant:

  • First you must add a Product
  • Sizes and colors of items
  • Images of color changes if applicable


The first step in adding a Product Variant is to select Choices – edit and choose the type of menu you wish to display to your customer. HTML, Text box, Radio Buttons, Drop Down List, and Checkboxes are just a few options you can select from.

Name the section of this choice whether it be color or size and make sure you check “This choice changes Inventory, Pictures, Prices, or SKU” in order to activate this variant. To change the weight or price of one of the items click edit next to that item.

This is where you will add the increase in weight or price. Click Save Changes. Once you have added the Choices you can select Choice – Variants from the side menu. This is where you will add a new image and SKU for the item.

Click Edit on the right of the choice to add the image for that choice and to update the SKU.

Here is a sample of how product variants change the view on the front end of your store.

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