Requesting an RSA Key for new SSL Certificate


If you're reading this article, then you probably are about to request and purchase an SSL certificate to begin securing your website.  This is great.  One of the most common steps in this process is to supply your respective SSL certificate vendor with an RSA key. 


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • Have a basic understanding of how SSL works, at a high level
  • Be in our Hotcakes Cloud environment

Getting Started

If you're hosted on another hosting provider or in your own hosting environment, please refer to your respective support or technical contacts for this information. 

Requesting an RSA Key

We'll be doing all of the heavy lifting for you here.  All we need is for you to submit a support request, with the following information:

  • Domain - this should be the domain or domains that the SSL certificate will be used for
  • IP Address - you'll be able to find this easily
  • Technical Contact Name - This should be the full name of the primary technical contact for the company (not for the project)
  • Technical Contact E-Mail Address - This should be the e-mail address of the primary technical contact for the company (not for the project)
  • Technical Contact Title - This should be the title of the primary technical contact for the company (not for the project)
  • Organization Name - The official or legal name of the company
  • Organizational Unit - This is essentially the name of the department making the request
  • City - This should be the city where the primary office of the company is
  • State - This should be the state/region where the primary office of the company is
  • Country - This should be the country where the primary office of the company is

Once we receive the support request, we'll generate the RSA key and supply it to you.  

Next Steps: SSL Installation

Once you have your RSA key, you'll be able to follow through with your SSL purchase process with any respective vendor.  The SSL vendor will end up providing you with instructions and files to "install" SSL on your site.  

Our environment is very similar to Microsoft Azure, in that it requires a PFX file in order to complete the SSL installation process.  You must ask for this file from your SSL vendor.

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