Product Image Sizes

If an image appears to be blurry when it's displayed, then it is getting "up-sized" by the web browser.  This means that the actual image is smaller than the dimensions specified in your custom viewset.  

Ideally, images in most stores should be 10x10 aspect ratio, which is to say that they're square. 

Additional Information on Images

Once a new product or category image is uploaded, it is saved in 3 thumbnail sizes, and then the original is also saved.

Here are the current dimensions of the thumbnail images that are saved (in pixels):

  • Tiny:  50 x 50
  • Small:  220 x 220
  • Medium:  440 x 440
  • Original:  (original dimensions)

Your original image should at least be larger than 440px wide or high.  In general, we'd suggest that your original image being uploaded should be quite large, to a point.  

Some end-users might attempt to upload an original 12 MP image.  This is of course a bad idea.  The reason is that the original image will be uploaded and saved.  In some cases, you might even be trying to display this image in your custom viewset.  In either case, the image will take an excessively long time to upload and process, and then it will potentially cause display issues on your site where customers might see them.

In general, every use case will have unique requirements, but in most cases your image should be no larger than 1028 x 768 and no higher than 96 DPI.  

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