OrderPackageDTO Object


The REST API makes use of the OrderPackageDTO object whenever working with orders that have one or more shippable products.  This article will help you to know the various members of this object.


The following pre-requisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • General understanding of REST and API’s
  • Understanding of C# and/or JavaScript

Getting Started

There are no tasks needed to get started with understanding this object. 


The OrderPackageDTO object will contain all of the most common details of the shipment for orders made in your Hotcakes Commerce store.


The following table gives you details on the various members of the OrderPackageDTO object.  The descriptions are based upon default functionality and the default Viewset included with Hotcakes.

Member Default Description
CustomProperties new List of CustomPropertyDTO A collection of settings or meta data used for the package.  Highly useful for things like ERP integrations.
Description (empty string) A description of the package consisting of the SKU and product names.
EstimatedShippingCost 0 A shipping estimate returned from the shipping provider.
HasShipped False A boolean value to determine if the package has shipped or not.
Height 0 The height of the package.
Id 0 This is the ID of the current order package.
Items new List of OrderPackageItemDTO A listing of the products or line items in the order package
LastUpdatedUtc UtcNow The last updated date is used for auditing purposes to know when the order package was last updated.
Length 0 The length of the package.
OrderId (empty string) The unique ID of the order that this package belongs to.
ShipDateUtc UtcNow The date/time stamp with the package shipped.
ShippingMethodId (empty string) The unique ID of the shipping provider method
ShippingProviderId (empty string) The unique ID of the shipping provider used for this package.
ShippingProviderServiceCode (empty string) The service code used by the shipping provider to describe the type of package.
SizeUnits Inches (1) The units used to measure the dimensions of the package.  Possible values include:
  • Inches = 1
  • Centimeters = 2
StoreId 0 This is the ID of the Hotcakes store. Typically, this is 1, except in multi-tenant environments.
TrackingNumber (empty string) A unique ID used by the shipping provider to track the package.
Weight 0 The weight of the package.
WeightUnits Pounds (1) The units used to measure the weight of the package.  Possible values include: 
  • Pounds = 1
  • Kilograms = 2
Width 0 The width of the package.


Example of OrderPackageDTO


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