Version 01.02.03

We are excited to announce that a new version of Hotcakes Commerce is available to download.  The latest version of Hotcakes Commerce includes several changes that were based on feedback from our Community. In the newest version you will notice the following updates:

  • Licensing – a single license will now support both the www and non-www domain names
  • RelatedItems property of the ProductPageViewModel will contain all related items
  • Fixed an installation bug when SQL Server default language is not English
  • Fixed a bug with the issue of reward points
  • Fixed a bug with changing product / category slugs
  • Fixed a bug with currency rounding
  • Fixed a bug with taxes on non-shipping products
  • Fixes a bug with a new user account at checkout
  • Fixed a bug with order summary at checkout
  • Fixed bugs with product type properties
  • Fixed a bug with default shipping rates
  • Fixed a bug with tax exempt products
  • Fixed bugs with the wizard
  • Fixed a bug with products
  • Fixed a bug with product quantities
  • Corrected a validation message
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