Version 01.07.05

Less fluffy Hotcakes

Every year we do the same thing on this day.  We prepare for a fun night!  In addition, we all make our promises to ourselves to make one or many changes to improve ourselves.  It's becoming something of a joke among ourselves, but our annual resolutions often lead to great things, and can even inspire others to do the same.  We decided to take the lead on this and launch a release that will hopefully inspire you too!

With version 1.7.5, you'll notice that we've trimmed some of the fat.  We included numerous performance improvements to make Hotcakes faster and leaner than ever before.  If your store is in Europe, we've updated VAT for support in 2015.  We've also included some updates that help gift cards be more usable.  (By the way, we moved the cheese on you with this update. You'll find gift card management in the Reports menu now.)  Finally, there are some usability updates to PayPal and a few other critical updates to do things like remove the intermittent "slug" text from your URL's to improve SEO.

As we all move into the new year, please enjoy your latest Hotcakes and be safe.  Here's to a fruitful and prosperous new year!


  • 15079 – EU VAT 2015 compatibility
  • 15308 – Able to sort products by SKU, and enable/disable available sorting options
  • 14826 – Gift card search enhanced

Bug Fixes

  • 15280 – Removed intermittent SLUG value from URLs
  • 14799 – Refunded & disabled gift cards can still be used
  • 15297 – PayPal checkout does not include shipping or total information
  • 15087 – PayPal checkout line item quantity doesn’t match
  • 15090 – Numerous performance improvements

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