Purpose of Hotcakes Store Modules

Hotcakes has numerous modules that can be used and combined to achieve seemingly any kind of e-commerce use case.  Here's a listing of those modules, and what they were intended to be used for.  However, our clients often show us ways that they've found to creatively use many of these modules in other ways.

Module Name Description
Address Book The address book allows your customers to save and manage addresses used for shipping during checkout.
Affiliate Dashboard This module allows approved affiliates to manage their account and create referral links to generate more traffic for your site.
Affiliate Registration Adding this module to a page will allow people to register for the opportunity to join your affiliate program.
Cart The cart displays the products that a customer has chosen to purchase.
Category Menu The category menu displays categories to help customers find categorized products.
Category Viewer The category viewer displays a listing of categories in a visual way for customers to easily drill down to products of their choice.
Checkout The checkout allows a customer to finalize their shopping experience by purchasing the items saved in their cart.
Content Blocks The content blocks module allows you to display content blocks you've created in the store administration area.
Featured Products The featured products allows you to display products to customers that have been marked as featuresd in the product catalog.
Last Products Viewed The last products viewed module allows you to display the last products that a customer viewed to make it easy for them to return and purchase them.
Mini Cart The mini cart allows you to provide a minimized cart experience on any page, reducing the amount of things a customer sees.
Order History The order history module provides a way for customers to review their past orders.
Product Grid The product grid module allows you to display a listing of specific products in a grid-style layout.
Product Reviews Product reviews will display related reviews for the product currently being displayed on the page.
Product Viewer The product viewer module displays a chosen product to your customers, or the product that is specified in the URL.
Search The search module allows you to use different settings to create a search results page for your store just the way you need it.
Search Input The search input module displays a search option for customers to use to discover products in your store.
Top 10 Products The top 10 products module will display a listing of the most popular products sold in the store in the past 10 calendar days.
Top Weekly Sellers The top weekly sellers will display a listing of the 10 most popular products sold over the past week.
Wish List The wish list module shows your customers products that have been added to their wish list for purchase later.
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