[LEGACY] Moving Servers or Domain Names

Outdated Article

This article is outdated as of Hotcakes version 3.0 and only useful for reference.

This article primarily applies to on premise licenses.  However, all of the information is useful to know in any situation.  It will help you avoid the unintended impacts from your move.  


When we refer to "server" in this instance, we're referring exclusively to the "web server" that's hosting the files for the website.  We're not at all referring to the database server.

The word domain is sometimes also referred to as the URL.  It basically refers to the website address that your website responds to, such as example.com.  

Your website itself as well as your Hotcakes software license is directly tied to the domain name(s) and server(s) it's currently hosted with.  When you change either of those, you might end up with unintended results, such as the site not responding, or your software becoming unlicensed.  


If you move your web server or change your domain name, it could result in your website not being responsive, or with your store becoming unlicensed and not accepting payments over a production payment gateway.  

Please contact us via a support request at least 24 hours prior to any scheduled move.

Moving From One Web Server to Another

If you're moving servers, there's not much for you to do.  However, your Hotcakes license is directly tied to the web server(s).  Just let us know ahead of time, and we'll ensure your licensing remains valid.  Also, see the "required information" section below.

Changing Your Domain Name

When you change your domain name, you'll need to contact us about this as well to ensure that your licensing isn't impacted.  However, you'll also likely need to make changes on your website as well.  

The typical steps to change your domain name are as follows:

  1. Buy the new domain name
  2. Update DNS to have the domain name point at your server
  3. Update your server to respond to the domain name
  4. Begin using and marketing the new domain name
  5. Redirect or delete the old domain name

However, in a CMS environment, we have an additional step.  We'll need to update the domain name in the CMS before the final step above.  If you don't, it may take some technical intervention in order to restore access.  

Required Information

When you contact us for your server move, we're going to ask you for a screenshot of your Host > Host Settings and Host > Dashboard views.  An example of what this looks like is below.

Important Note

If you have already moved your site, we're going to need to have these same screenshots from both your new and old site/server location.

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