Does Hotcakes have a shared product catalog?

This question gets asked somewhat frequently, in various ways.  The core of the question is wondering whether a Hotcakes client could have two or more stores and share the products across them all.  Then, they'd potentially be able to edit the products for all stores in one place.  However, there's additional things to consider as well, such as payments and reporting across stores - not to mention shipping and other configuration options.  

While we get the request somewhat frequently, we still are not able to determine the specific ways that would be common across a large enough number of our customers to firmly define what this feature would be and how it should work to meet the needs of the greatest number of our customers.

This enhancement request remains on our long term road map, but we don't have any plans to implement this feature at this time.  Once we get enough feedback from our customers, we'll be able to reassess this feature.

In the meantime, you can still share you products across stores, but it won't be as automated or done as integrated of a way as you'd prefer.  Also, it will require some code.

Use a Scheduled Task

Hotcakes' CMS has a developer feature extension point that's called a Scheduler Item or a scheduled job.  Basically, you can automate anything that you want with code using this feature.  Using this, you'd be able to set it to run at a specific interval to copy/merge all preferred updates from one store to another.  This could include products, categories, shipping, or anything else that you'd like to synchronize.

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