VendorManufacturerDTO Object


The REST API makes extensive use of the VendorManufacturerDTO object whenever working with a vendor or manufacturer.  This article will help you to know the various members of this object.


The following pre-requisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • General understanding of REST and API’s
  • Understanding of C# and/or JavaScript

Getting Started

There are no tasks needed to get started with understanding this object. 


The VendorManufacturerDTO object will contain all of the details of a single vendor or manufacturer for your Hotcakes Commerce store.


The following table gives you details on the various members of the VendorManufacturerDTO object.  The descriptions are based upon default functionality and the default Viewset included with Hotcakes.

Member Default Description
Address AddressDTO An address object matching the vendor/manufacturer.
Bvin (empty string) This is the ID of the vendor/manufacturer.
Contacts List of VendorManufacturerContactDTO Contains a listing of user accounts that belong to the current vendor/manufacturer.
ContactType 0 Specifies whether this instance of the object contains contacts for a vendor or a manufacturer. The possible values include:
  • Unknown = -1
  • Vendor = 0
  • Manufacturer = 1
DisplayName (empty string) The value used in all administrative and customer views to identify the vendor/manufacturer.
DropShipEmailTemplateId (empty string) The email template ID used when workflow sends a notification email about a drop shipment.
EmailAddress (empty string) The primary email address used to contact the vendor/manufacturer. This is used for system emails for actions such as drop-shipping.
LastUpdated UtcNow An auditing value to track the last time the vendor/manufacturer record was updated.
StoreId 0 This is the ID of the Hotcakes store. Typically, this is 1, except in multi-tenant environments.


Example of VendorManufacturerDTO


      "DisplayName":"Hotcakes Commerce",
         "CountryName":"United States",

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