[LEGACY] Licensing Messages

Outdated Article

This article is outdated as of Hotcakes version 3.0 and only useful for reference.

When you're attempting to view and/or activate the license(s) that you have purchased, you might see any number of messages in the view that may or may not be self-explanatory to you.  This article should help you determine what the license messages are and how they apply to your specific site.

Activate License

This message will be presented to you as a link. Clicking the link will activate your license immediately.  Please be sure to only activate your license in production, unless you've purchased additional production licenses for non-production environments (e.g., staging, QA, development, etc.).

License is Already Activated

You'll see this message if there are no more available activations to use.  Each license purchase comes with a single production activation available, unless you're told otherwise.  If you feel that you've received this message in error, please contact our support team.

This Server is Already Licensed for [YOUR-SERVER-NAME]

You'll only see this message if the current store you're on hasn't already been licensed.  If the license you're looking at has already been activated and has no more available activations, you'll see this message.  It will help you determine where the license was already activated.  

License is not Valid for Installed Version

Hotcakes Commerce has multiple major releases, such as version 1.x and 2.x.  If you see this message, then your installed version of Hotcakes doesn't match the version assigned to the license key.  For example, you might have bought a version 1.x license and have version 2.0 installed currently (or vice versa).  You won't be able to activate if this is the case.  You'll need to purchase a license for the version of Hotcakes you're currently using.  

License is Already Associated with Another User Account

When your license was purchased, it was associated with a specific user account.  If you look up a license and see this message, then your license was already associated to the other account.  You should instead authenticate with the user account that owns the license.  

If you have any issue resolving this, please feel free to contact our support team.  

Cannot Contact the Licensing Service at this Time. Please Try Again Later or Contact Support.

Your server is unable to communicate with the HotcakesCommerce.com servers for some reason.  This may simply be a temporary issue, and you can try again in a moment.  If it's not, you should check with your technical team to see if they have any firewall rules in place to prevent communication with "*.hotcakescommerce.com."  

It is also possible that our site is unavailable for the moment.  Check to see if you can see HotcakesCommerce.com as well.  We have automated tools and notifications in place.  If our site isn't available for any reason, please know that our team has already automatically been notified and are working on it.  

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