Order Status

There are a large number of places where you might find the order status displayed to merchants and/or customers.  This article aims at helping you to define what the different status stages are.

In general, all of the order status codes will be applied automatically by Hotcakes and/or your custom order workflow, as a result of you performing your work as usual.  You can manually change the status of an order at any time.

Status Description
Received The order has been placed, but no other manual or automated processes have yet been applied to the order.  It's awaiting payment and shipping (if there's any shippable line items).
Ready for Payment The order has been placed and there's no issues with it.  It's safe to capture or process payment.
Ready for Shipping The order has been paid in full and is now ready for shipment to occur, if there are any shippable line items in the order.
Completed The order processing phases are all completed, including payment and shipping.
On Hold The order has either manually been placed on hold, or the order was flagged into this status by the fraud screening tools.  This is often used to highlight orders that require more work by others in the organization as well.
Cancelled This status is most often used when an order has been asked to be cancelled by a customer.  You can place an order into the cancelled status at any time, but you should first consider reconciling payment with the customer, if they've already paid.
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