Shipping Method: Flat Rate Per Order


The flat rate per order shipping method allows you to charge shipping fees at a rate of one fee per order.  If you need to charge a single flat fee for shippinng for all of your customers, this is likely the shipping method you want to use.


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Shipping Method: Flat Rate Per Order

The flat rate per order shipping method is fairly straightforward.  In this configuration, you just specify the rate you want to charge for each line item in the cart.

Setting Name Description
Name This is the language friendly name that you'll see in the shipping methods list, and your customers will also see this value in the checkout, receipt, and e-mail notifications.
Highlight Color By default, this value will be "None" but if selected, it will highlight this order in the order manager, when the customer chooses this shipping method during checkout.
Per Order Charge This is the rate that you wish to charge per order.  This value will match the currency settings in the store, such as $12.43.
Shipping Zone Choose the shipping zone that this method will be used with.  

Click Save Changes to save your settings.

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