Shipping Method: Rate Table By Total Weight


The rate table by total weight is very similar to the Rate Table By Item Count shipping method.  In that method, the fee charged was based upon the shopping cart subtotal.  In this method, you are able to specify shipping rates based upon the total weight of all line items in the order.  The more your order weighs, the more the customer potentially pays for shipping.


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

Getting Started

In order for this shipping method to work, your products should all have weights defined.

Shipping Method: Rate Table By Total Weight

When you manage this shipping method, you have the standard shipping method settings, as well as a rate table to manage.

Setting Name Description
Name This is the language friendly name that you'll see in the shipping methods list, and your customers will also see this value in the checkout, receipt, and e-mail notifications.
Highlight Color By default, this value will be "None" but if selected, it will highlight this order in the order manager, when the customer chooses this shipping method during checkout.
Adjust Price By In addition to the rate table below, you can specify an amount to add or remove from the total shipping rate.  This value can either be a currency value, or percentage, depending on the amount type you choose.  If you enter a negative value, the amount will be deducted from the shipping rate.
Shipping Zone Choose the shipping zone that this method will be used with.  

When populating the rate table, your first entry should have a weight of 1 for most stores.  This ensures that there's a shipping rate charged for orders with low weights.  From there, you should determine at which weight the rate should increase.  

In the example below, orders of 1 pound will be charged at least $4.99 for shipping.  When the order weight reaches 5 pounds, the rate will increase, but the rate will never again increase after reaching 10 pounds.  Some stores may need to do the opposite, where their shipping charges start high and get lower with higher weights.

In addition to adding rates, you can delete existing rates.  You are not able to edit rates at this time.

Setting Name Description
Weight Enter the weight you wish to specify a shipping rate for.  This should be any numeric value, including decimals.
Charge This is the currency amount that would be the shipping rate charged for the weight specified above.  This value should match the store's currency settings, such as $12.34.

Click Save Changes to save your settings.

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