Editing the Customer Profile


When you choose to add a new customer or edit an existing customer, you'll end up in the same area of the administration.  This article discusses in detail how to manage the customer profile from an e-commerce perspective.


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • Have access to your Hotcakes store administration

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Editing the Customer Profile

The first view to work with when managing a customer account is the Profile view.  This view will have the basic information about who the customer is and what they've been doing within your store.  

You can go back to the customer listing by clicking the Close button in the left panel.  If you have administrative permissions, you'll also be able to edit the user's CMS account by clicking the View User Profile in CMS button.

The rest of the Profile view allows you to view and edit numerous attributes of the customer.  The left side of the profile will allow you to edit some of the customer information.  The right side will allow you to see some of the things the customer has done recently.  The customer profile is shared between the CMS and e-commerce parts of the administrative experience.

Column Description
Username This is a read-only field that allows you to see the username that the customer had chosen or was assigned.  This is the same username they'd use to login on the website, if your site configuration allows it.
E-Mail Address This is the e-mail address that the customer has last saved to their account.  All e-mail notifications will be sent to this address.  
First Name The customer's first name, as long as it exists.  This is pulled from and synchronized with their CMS profile.
Last Name The customer's last name or surname, as long as it exists.  This is pulled from and synchronized with their CMS profile.
Tax Exemption Number If the customer is tax exempt. it is best to keep a record of their tax exemption number.  This field is also used often by European store owners to keep track of the customer's VAT registration number.
Tax Exempt If the customer is exempt from taxes, check this checkbox.  Otherwise, leave it unchecked, and they'll be charged taxes during checkout.
Password You'll only see this field if you're adding a new customer. You have the opportunity to enter a password on their behalf. This is a required field, so please note that this is not considered to be the most secure way for a new customer account to be created. Customers should create their own accounts.
Confirm Password You'll only see this field if you're adding a new customer. You must re-enter the password to confirm that there aren't any typos.
Notes This is a field that allows you to enter any information you feel is useful to record about the customer.
Price Groups Price groups are a useful way to assign pricing to customers.  This is most commonly used for B2B or VIP scenarios.  If you have any price groups created, you can assign it to the customer here.
Order History All of the previous orders placed by this customer will be seen here.  This will not include abandoned carts.
Search History If the customer was logged in while they were searching, their search terms will appear here.  
Wish List Items Any products that the customer had previously added to their wish list will be shown here.

If you wish to save any change, click the Save Changes button to proceed.  Otherwise, click Cancel and you'll be returned to the customer listing.

The order history will show orders if any have been placed by this customer. When you see this listing, you can see a quick summary and click-through to view the order details.

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