Editing Customer Product Roles


When editing customers, one of the things you can do is view and manage the product roles that are applied to them.  Security roles are generally created in the CMS side of your site, but can be applied to products, categories, and more.  When they are applied, these roles will be available to you for assignment to a customer, or even unassign them from a customer. 


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • Have access to your Hotcakes store administration
  • Have one or more security roles create for and applied to products, product types, and/or categories

Getting Started

In order to begin using this view/capability seriously in production, you need to be using the security role functionality in products, product types, and/or categories.

Editing the Customer Roles

User product roles are the security roles that have been applied elsewhere in the system.  Once they are applied somewhere, this allows you to leverage these roles for customer service purposes to add and remove roles from customer accounts.  These roles are generally used to show/hide products or categories.  One of the most common use cases are when a store is servicing both customers (B2C) and other businesses (B2B).  

When you first go to the user product roles view, it will most likely look like this, except your drop down list might not yet have any roles available.

You can click the Close button to return you to the customer listing, or select a security role, and click the Add Role button to apply it to the customer.  Once you do, any of the privileges that this role gives to any other customer will now be available to this customer.

Setting Description
Available Security Roles Populated with any security roles that are assigned to any products, product types, or categories.
[checkbox] Use the checkbox along with the Send E-Mail Notifications button to notify the customer of the role or roles that have been assigned to them.  
Security Role This is the name given to the address in the address book, so the customer knows what it is, when they see it in a drop down list.  If no name exists, you'll see "[no name found" there instead.
[no name] There is an editing column in the address listing, with a single option to remove the role from the customer's account. If you delete the role by accident, you can add it back again easily.

There are no other save or editing actions available.

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