[LEGACY] Version 2.0 Upgrade FAQ's

Outdated Article

This article is outdated as of Hotcakes version 3.0 and only useful for reference.

The following are some common questions that we're sure you might have.  Please feel free to read through them and contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns.

How much is the upgrade from version 1.xx to 2.0?

You may upgrade to version 2.0 at any time.  The upgrade fee is 75% of the retail price for the first year for on premise licenses (regular price every year thereafter).  If you choose to move to the Hotcakes Cloud, your upgrade fee will be waived.  However, there may be a migration fee.

Any customers that have purchased Hotcakes over the past 30 days automatically qualify for a deeper upgrade discount.  

Any customers that have recently purchased support may have that fee applied to their on premise license purchase, or site migration fee.

What if the new on premise license price is higher than what I budgeted for?

We completely understand if you didn't plan for your budget to include the updated license price.  If this remains to be an issue for your budget, we're confident you'll enjoy the benefits and price of moving your site to the Hotcakes Cloud, or the upgraded Hotcakes "Reserved" Cloud plan.

How do I purchase the on premise license for Hotcakes 2.0?

All on premise licenses may only be purchased through one of our expert partners.  This includes upgrades and new customers.  Please contact the partner of your preference, or contact us if you'd prefer an introduction.

How do I get my site into the Hotcakes Cloud?

If you're not an existing customer, please contact us and we'll discuss what your specific needs are.  If you're an existing customer, you can most likely just take advantage of our migration service.

What does it take to upgrade to version 2.0?

Upgrading to version 2.0 is the same process as any previous release.  Please review the 2.0 release notes to learn more.

What's going to happen to version 1.xx?

The version 1.xx series of releases are no longer going to be updated, with one exception.  If there are any security issues found, we'll continue to back port security issues for the next 12 months, through May 2017.  

Will version 1.xx still be supported?

Version 1.xx will have limited support for a short period of time. We won't be able to provide any maintenance updates or patches of any kind, except as mentioned above.  We'll continue to otherwise support version 1.xx the best we can, until we reach our standard support cut-off.  

We only support the most current release of Hotcakes, and the two previous releases.  While we're still on version 2.0.0, this means that the only version 1.xx sites that can receive support are 1.10.03 and 1.10.02.  Anyone on an earlier version will need to upgrade in order to receive the level of support we'd prefer to offer you.

We'll be even more limited on the support we'll be able to offer once version 2.0 has two more releases.

Can I just stay on version 1.xx?

If you're already a customer and are happy to continue using 1.xx, you're not required to upgrade.  However, please note that there will no longer be any updates to that version of the software, except as defined above.

Are there any other changes to how licensing works?

No.  Licensing will continue to be sold and provisioned on a per server, per domain basis.  

If you have a single storefront, it responds to a single domain name, and you're not in a web farm, then you only need a single license.  If any of those conditions increase, such as multiple web servers or domain names, then the number of licenses you need will also increase.

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