Products: Related Items


In e-commerce, it’s common to upsell a list of similar items. Setting related items greatly improves your revenue and upsell values. You can show related items that are commonly purchased together with your other products. Showing related items is known to improve your sales revenue overall.

You use this feature to manually relate products to one another, which then will be shown on their respective product pages.  For instance, if you're selling concert merchandise, you could relate a hat to a similar t-shirt, and your customers might then buy them together.

Please note that this will end up happening for you.  Hotcakes is intelligent enough to reverse engineer the behavior of your prior customers and automatically upsell products based upon the purchases of your customers.  Therefore, if you let it happen, your customers will do the work for you to relate products together.  Using the previous example, if John Dough buys a bandana with the hat and not the shirt, Jane Dough would see the bandana as a suggested product when she views the hat.


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  • Have access to your Hotcakes store administration

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Products: Related Items

In order to manage the related items for a product, you'll need to first edit a product.  From there, you can choose "Related Items" in the left panel.

When you first arrive, you'll see the product picker but it will take up the entire page.  Any products in the right column will be related to the product you're currently editing.  Simply look for and choose the products you wish to relate, and once they're in the right column, you're done.  It's that simple.

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