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Info Tabs are the tabbed bits of additional information that you usually see below the details of a product on any e-commerce site.  These are often used to display specifications, nutritional charts, and other "fine print" kinds of things.  However, they don't need to be tabs and they don't need to only be used for the fine print.  Consult with your designer and you might find an unlimited number of ways you can use and repurpose info tabs.


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Products: Info Tabs

You can begin editing your info tabs once you begin editing a product.  You'll find the "Info Tabs" menu item in the left panel.

When you first arrive at the info tabs page, there won't be any tabs to list.  You'll need to create one first.  The image below shows the button that allows you to create an info tab.  You'll find it in the left panel below the menu items.  The close button will return you to the catalog product listing.

When you're adding or editing an info tab, you'll see the form below.  You can click "Save" at any time to save the information and keep editing (highly recommended), and the "Save and Close" button will save the info tab and return you to the info tab listing.

Setting Description
Tab Title Enter the language-friendly title for this tab, as you wish for both you and your customers to see it.
HTML The HTML section will allow you to enter nearly any kind of content that you wish to display.  You can create the content here, or ask your designer to create it, then copy and paste it here using the "HTML" tab at the bottom of the editor.

When you have at least one info tab added, they will begin to show on the info tab listing.  Once you have more than one, you can sort them to define the order that you wish for your customers to see them on your product pages.

The columns don't have headers, so the headers are implied in the table below.

Column Description
Sort Click and hold your mouse on this icon to reorder the info tabs to be sorted the way you intended.  The info tab at the top will be first, and each tab below it will follow in order after that on your product page.
Name This is the name of the info tab as you defined when creating it.  You may click on the name to edit the info tab as well.
Edit The final column contains two icons for editing.  The first icon will allow you to edit the info tab.  The second icon will allow you to permanently delete the info tab.
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