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Product reviews can be quite powerful, empowering your customers to lend more credibility and trust to your site.  Customers will always trust other customers before they trust the store owner, so having reviews only helps your site, even the bad ones.  This article discussed the product review management at the product level.  

You'll be able to view and moderate all reviews for this specific product here.  If you intend to moderate all reviews on the site, you should instead use the Reviews page in the Catalog menu.


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • Have access to your Hotcakes store administration
  • Have product reviews enabled
  • Be aware of the best practices as it relates to product reviews

Getting Started

In order to use this view, you'll need to have product reviews enabled on your site and in this product, as well as have at least one review to see and manage.

Products: Reviews

Review management can found by editing a product.  From any product editing view, you can select "Reviews" from the menu item list in the left panel.

Review Listing

When you first arrive on the reviews page, there won't likely be any reviews to manage.

When you have reviews submitted for this product, they'll be listed in a grid fashion, allowing you to see and moderate them.

Column Description
Rating This is the star rating that the customer has given to your product.
Review Date This column will contain the date and time that the customer placed the review originally.
Product In this view, the value will be the same in each row, but it's the name of the product that this review was written for.
Review You'll see the full text of the review that the customer wrote in this column.
Action In this column, you'll be able to edit and delete the review.  Clicking the first icon will bring you to an edit view where you can edit a number of attributes of the review.  The second icon allows you to permanently delete the review.

Editing a Review

Once you click to edit a review, you'll see the review editing form shown below.  Not all of the attributed are editable, but they are all described below just the same.

Setting Description
Product This field is read-only, displaying the product name that this review was placed against.
Customer This value is read-only, containing the username and e-mail address of the customer that submitted the review.  This will always be populated, as reviewers must be logged in to save their review.
Review Date The timestamp you see here is the originally date and time when the customer submitted their review.
Rating The customer's rating is pre-selected here, between 1 and 5 stars.
Karma Score This setting is used to help sort the reviews when displayed to your customers and your team.  Enter a full number if you'd like to influence the review sort.  The higher the number you enter, the more likely it will be shown before the other reviews.
Approved When checked, this review will be considered to be approved to show to the general public on your site.  This is only necessary when you turn on moderation.
Review This is the text-based review that your customer wrote when submitting the review on your site.


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