E-Commerce Administration Control Panel


There are two control panels.  They both look very similar, but the one discussed here will only be displayed when you're administrating the e-commerce parts of your site.  This part of the control panel will be displayed regardless to where your site is hosted or how you have your front end content control panel configured.  It allows you to very easily find and get to all of the e-commerce administrative features you need. 


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • Have access to your Hotcakes store administration

Getting Started

There are no prerequisites to follow along with this article.

E-Commerce Administration Control Panel

You'll see this control panel when you've authenticated and chosen to view any e-commerce administrative view.


The branding section of the control panel does nothing more than confirm for you that you're using Hotcakes Commerce.  It serves no other function for you.


The administration area is a menu that helps you to administrate the e-commerce part of your site.  Each of these menu items are discussed in more detail in other areas of the documentation.

Menu Item Description
Dashboard This menu item will take you immediately to the primary dashboard for your store.
Catalog This is an anchor for several other menu items that collectively allow you to manage your entire store catalog including categories and of course products.
Marketing The marketing menu collection allows you to manage your promotions and reward points.
People Customers, price groups, vendors, and manufacturers are managed in the people menu collection.
Orders All day-to-day order management tasks can be accomplished using the menu items in this menu collection.
Reports If you need to view anything report-related, you find it in the reports menu.
Admin The admin menu contains a variety of configuration items that may need to be managed regularly.
Settings The settings menu also contains a number of configuration options, but these options rarely need to be changed.
Help The help menu with either take you to the documentation area, or to your ticket listing, depending on whether you're already authenticated in the support system or not.

Admin Buttons

The admin buttons serve a distinct and immediate administrative function for you, as defined below.

Button Description
Go To Store When you click this button, you'll be redirected to the homepage of your website.
English (United States) This value may not always say "English."  If you have additional languages installed, this may be displaying a different language.  When you're working with a multi-lingual site, you'll want to switch between the various languages using this admin button, to translate your various updates to have the correct for the language you're editing.
Superuser Admin You can manage a few very high-level items using this option, but it's only available if you're logged in with a superuser account. The superuser admin page is discussed in more detail in another documentation article.
Log Out If you click this button, you'll be logged out and returned to the homepage of your website.  You'll need to login again if you wish to manage any aspect of your site.


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