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When you're managing the e-commerce area of your store, you have a page in the control panel called "Superuser Admin."  You don't manage superusers here, but when you're logged in as a superuser, you can enter this area to perform some specific administrative tasks that may be too dangerous for accounts with less permissions.  This includes clearing cache, deleting data, and more.


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • Have access to your Hotcakes store administration
  • Be logged in using a superuser account

Getting Started

There are no prerequisites to follow along with this article.

Superuser Admin

In order to use the "Superuser Admin" view, enter the e-commerce administration area, then click on the Superuser Admin menu item in the control panel.

Sample Data

When you set up a test store, sample data is added. You can remove this test data once you are finished with development and testing. This is the data created for your evaluation period. Click Remove Sample Data from Store to remove the sample data. This information is also automatically removed when the "Remove Sample Products and Categories" button is clicked in the products page in the catalog menu.

If you don't have any sample data added, this option will instead allow you to generate the sample data.  Don't worry.  You can remove the sample data later.

Store Cache

You can clear your store’s cache when you make changes and need to delete and refresh the cache. This clears the cache for all stores running on the same site. Click Clear Cache to delete store cache.  If this is your first time, you should first read up on clearing the cache before you use this option.

Clear Store Data

This function should be used only when you are ready to permanently delete data. All customers, orders, and analytics are permanently deleted. This is used when developers need to test and delete their store data before making the site live. Check the boxes for the data you want to delete (Analytics, Customers, Orders) and click Delete Store Data.  The button won't be available until you select at least one.

Uninstall Module

You can uninstall Hotcakes modules from this section. It deletes the Hotcakes modules from the entire site, so make sure you want to permanently delete modules before you use this option. It also removes all e-commerce data from the database. Hotcakes has a collection of 25+ e-commerce modules, but this functionality lets customers uninstall the e-commerce parts and keep the CMS only.

The default uninstall by the CMS will unregister the module from the CMS. It’s still there but you can’t use it or see it. Images, downloads, viewsets and other files are saved and aren’t deleted under any uninstall method.  Check the boxes for the data you want to delete (Delete Module Files, Delete Store Files) and click Uninstall to complete the removal.

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