Settings: E-Mail Addresses


The e-mail page is where you configure general message settings to send and receive messages. For instance, new order notifications are sent using the Send New Order E-Mails.


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • Have access to your Hotcakes store administration
  • Have e-mail addresses already available for your store to use

Getting Started

It will be necessary to first create or know which e-mail addresses you would like to use for your store, before you save these settings.

E-Mail Addresses

You'll find the e-mail address settings in the Settings menu of the control panel.

The E-mail Addresses page shows you two settings.

Setting Description
Send General E-Mail To This e-mail address is used for all notifications, except for new order notifications.  It's the e-mail address that customers and drop shippers will see receipts come from, as well as the address that many notifications will go to.
Send New Order E-Mails To When new orders are placed, a copy of the receipt goes to the customer, potentially a drop shipper, and to the store itself.  The copy that goes to the store will use this e-mail address as the recipient for the administrative order notification.

Sending Notifications to Multiple Parties

Many stores will want to send new order notifications to multiple people at the same time.  In order to do this, contact your technical team and ask for a distribution list, such as  This e-mail distribution list can send e-mails to potentially an unlimited number of different inboxes.  Then, use that e-mail address for the new order notifications.

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