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This article is outdated as of Hotcakes version 3.0 and only useful for reference.


The licensing management area is where you can activate and check on the status of your Hotcakes license.  There are several views that assist you with this, discussed below.


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

Getting Started

If you're not already familiar with Hotcakes licensing, it is incredibly important that you review the other requirements before you move forward with this article.

Licensing Management

In order to manage your licenses, navigate to the "Licensing" page from the Settings menu in the control panel.

Licensing Authentication

When you first arrive on the licensing page, you will be shown an authentication form.  

This requires a user account login from HotcakesCommerce.com, not your website user account.

You would have been assigned a user account at the time of purchase, if you didn't already have one.  If you need a user account, please choose the "New Account" option.

Authentication Error Message

The message below will be displayed for one of two reasons.  Either your site can't reach HotcakesCommerce.com as it suggests, or your HotcakesCommerce.com username and password don't match your user account on our website.  Please check your username and password combination, and try again.

If your site is unable to communicate with HotcakesCommerce.com, you'll be unable to activate your license.  You'll need to consult with your technical team to determine why your server is not able to communicate with our licensing server.

If they ask, please make sure that your server has an active connection to the internet, and it has a firewal rule allowing it to communicate with HotcakesCommerce.com.

Registration Error Message

The message below will be displayed if your site is unable to communicate with HotcakesCommerce.com when you try to create a new user account to use to activate your license.

The same troubleshooting steps outlined with the authentication error message will apply if you see this message.

Licensing Claim

Once you create your account or login, you'll be remotely logged in to HotcakesCommerce.com, and shown the licensing listing.  You'll see a row for each license that you've purchased.

The grid columns are described in the table below.

Column Description
License Order This column will contain an ID number for your license. This is not your license key or invoice number, but rather another tracking number that can be used to identify your license in some cases.
Application Version Your version of Hotcakes that the license was purchased for will be displayed in this column.  In general, you'll only see HCC Pro V1 or HCC Pro V2 here, until a version 3 becomes available.
Date Purchased The date and time that your license was purchased will be displayed in this column.
[no name] This column will contain message to help you identify the status of your license in the corresponding row.  The messages that you might see here are described in more detail in the license messages article.

Activate License

You'll see the "Activate License" link if there aren't any issues with your Hotcakes license.  Once you click the link, you'll see the popup confirmation message below. 

Unless you're told otherwise, every licence only comes with a single activation, so please make sure you only activate the license if you're on your production site, using the production URL.  If you're unsure, please contact your technical team, or our support team.

If you click OK, you'll see the message below.

License Lookup

You'll be shown the view below if you click the "Lookup My License" button in the license claim view.

The first option is for legacy licenses, and it allows you to lookup a license using the e-mail address and invoice number you were assigned.  If you've purchased your license recently, this option shouldn't be used.

Most likely, you've been given a license key, also called a license or invoice number.  Choose this option and copy and paste your key here.  Once you do, click the "Lookup & Assign" button to associate the license with your user account.  You'll be redirected to the license claim view where you'll see your license displayed.

You'll see one of the following messages when you attempt to lookup a license.

Message Description
License not found, or already assigned to another customer. If you continue to receive this message, please contact support. Either your e-mail address is not on record, the invoice number isn't found, or the combination of the two doesn't match our records.  Please check your invoice information and try again.
License is already associated with another user account This may occur if your license has already been claimed by another customer user account on our site.  If you believe this message is showing in error, please contact us immediately.
License has been successfully associated with your account This is the message you'll see when there aren't any issues finding and assigning your license to your user account.

Purchase Additional Licenses

If you click the "Purchase an Additional License" button, you'll be directed to the view below.  Simply click the "Get More Hotcakes Now" button and you'll be directed to the Hotcakes site, where you can purchase your next license.


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