[LEGACY] How many licenses do I need?

Outdated Article

This article is outdated as of Hotcakes version 3.0 and only useful for reference.


Licensing for some customers is very straightforward, but the larger your organization is, the more licenses you might need.  This article helps you to identify how many licenses you require, based upon your scenario.

Licenses are sold and activated per URL, per server.  This basically means that you'll need a single license for each domain name (storefront) you have, and each web server in your web farm.  You'll see this broken down for you below.


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • Have an understanding of how your organization is or will be hosting your Hotcakes site

Getting Started

You may want to consult with your technical team before proceeding with this article.

Hotcakes Licensing Scenarios

Before we proceed, it will be necessary to point out that licensing works a bit differently in the Hotcakes Cloud, versus anywhere else.  Those differences are noted below.

Hotcakes Cloud

This scenario applied to anyone in the Hotcakes Cloud or Hotcakes Reserved Cloud plans.  Anyone else will need to move below to the On Premise scenarios.

Customers in our Hotcakes Cloud don't have to worry about the "web farm" scenarios that on premise customers have to worry about.  You simply need to note how many domain names (e.g., example.com) your organization needs to respond to.  

Scenario:  Basic Cloud Customer

  • 1 site: example.com

Licenses Required:  1

Scenario:  Basic Cloud Customer

  • 3 sites: example.com, examplechildbrand1.com, examplechildbrand2.com

Licenses Required:  3

For our cloud clients, it's that easy.  You'll be required to have an additional license for each storefront you have, which equates to a domain name (a.k.a., a URL).

Hotcakes On Premise

This article applies to those with On Premises licenses, which are any licenses not used in our Hotcakes Cloud.  In this situation, you're most likely on a standard hosting platform, where you'll need to be concerned with how many web servers your site is running Hotcakes from.

Scenario:  Not a web farm

  • 1 site: example.com
  • 1 web server

Licenses Required:  1

Scenario:  Basic Web Farm

  • 1 site: example.com
  • 2 web servers

Licenses Required:  2

Scenario:  Standard Web Farm

  • 1 site: example.com
  • 3 web servers

Licenses Required:  3

Scenario:  Child Brands (no web farm)

  • 3 sites: example.com, examplebrand1.com, examplebrand2.com
  • 1 web server

Licenses Required:  3

Scenario:  Child Brands (in a web farm)

  • 3 sites: example.com, examplebrand1.com, examplebrand2.com
  • 3 web servers

Licenses Required:  6

Volume Licensing

We have volume pricing available if you require 5 or more licenses.  Please contact us for details.

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