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The Store Address page lets you configure the physical address for your store. This address is used as the primary "From" location when calculating shipping rates unless drop shipping is used, and it will also be shown in some instances, such as in your e-mail receipts and shipping notifications.


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  • Have access to your Hotcakes store administration

Getting Started

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Store's Address Settings

Click the Settings menu item and then click Store’s Address.

When you arrive on this view, you'll likely already see an address that you previously entered, such as when you initially used the getting started wizard to configure the store.

You'll find that these address fields work the same as any other address input view in the administration area.  Again, this address is used for shipping rate estimates and is shown to your customers, so it should be your primary warehouse location, which may or may not match your store's headquarters address.  If you have multiple store locations, you may want to take advantage of the drop shipper features.

Setting Description
Country Choose the country where your store is shipping product from.  This drop down list is populated from the countries settings view, and making a selection here will update the region/state drop down list below.
First Name This is optional, but if you want your communications to show a person as a point of contact, enter their first name here.
Last Name This is optional, but if you want your communications to show a person as a point of contact, enter their last name here.
Company This is optional, but you should enter an address if your company name and store name are different.
Address Enter the primary address or line 1 address here, such as "123 Main St."  You shouldn't use a P.O. Box.
(Address 2) This optional field is not labeled, but you'll find it just below the Address field above.  If your address has a line 2, you should enter it here.  An example of this might be a suite number, such as "Suite 500."
City Enter the actual name of your city that product is being shipped from here.
State If necessary, choose the region where your products are being shipped from. The regions you see here are based upon the country drop down list above, and are populated from the countries settings view.
Zip Code If your store shipping address has a postal code, enter it here.
Phone Number The phone number is optional, but including it will build trust with your customers.  You should use a phone number that will lead your customers to a customer service representative or support team.

Click the "Save Changes" button to save any updates you've made.

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