Abandoned Carts Report


The Abandoned Carts report shows you a list of shopping carts that never became orders. This report shows the product in the customer’s cart, the customer user account, the date and the quantity and price. This is much more than a report.  It’s also useful when a customer calls in to your customer service department to complete an order. The customer service representative can locate the cart and finish the order over the phone.


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • Have access to your Hotcakes store administration

Getting Started

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Abandoned Carts Report

You can access this report by clicking the Abandoned Carts menu item in the left or clicking the Abandoned Carts link in the Reports main menu.

The report defaults to the current month as the selected date range, by carts.  You can select or define any desired date range, as well as switch to the "By Products" version of the report.  

The "by" reports are simply the grouping of how the report is put together and displayed.  When you change any of these selections, the report will update to show the matching data and groupings.

Export Options

You'll find export options available to you in the left panel.

"Export to Excel" will allow you to download an Excel representation of the complete report you're currently viewing.  When you click the "Download Contacts" button, it will export all of the known customers for the date range into a CSV file.  Anonymous customers are not included in this download because their name and e-mail address are unknown.

Abandoned Carts by Carts

This version of the report allows you to see a line-by-line listing of each cart that's been abandoned, beginning with the most recent.

Column Description
Date This is the date that the cart was first created.
Customer There could be a few different values in this column.  If the customer never logged in, this will be noted as you see above, since there's no way to know who they are.  If their profile is missing name information, this will be noted as well.  Most customers will be a hyperlinked version of their name.  When you click on their name, you'll be taken to their customer e-commerce profile.
Product The first line in this column for each cart will be a "View Cart" link. When you click this, you'll be taken to the cart in the order manager.  This will allow you to see more details about the cart.  You'll also be able to potentially complete the order, should the customer call in to complete it.  Each line below the cart link will be the names of the products that were abandoned.
Quantity You'll see the number of products that were added to the cart, for the respective product.
Line Total This will represent the subtotal for each product that was abandoned, based upon the product site cost and quantity added to the cart.

Abandoned Carts by Products

When you view the report grouped by carts, it becomes a listing of all of the products that have been abandoned, beginning with the most abandoned products.

Column Description
Product This is the line item that was abandoned. If you click on the name of the product, you'll be taken to the product performance view, where you can attempt to learn more about why it might be getting abandoned.
Quantity This is basically the sum total of the quantity for each time the product was in an abandoned cart.
Carts This is the total number of carts that had the product added for the date range.
Contacts You'll find a clickable sum total of the number of known contacts that had abandoned this specific product.  This total will not include any anonymous customers.  If you click on the contact total, it will allow you to send a custom e-mail to all of these customers at the same time, as shown below.

Contacting Abandoned Cart Customers

Your customers may end up getting contacted automatically after they abandon a cart, depending on whether or not you enabled it in your order settings.  However, you can also contact customers directly about a specific product they've abandoned using the "By Product" report discussed above.  

When you click on the contact number, you'll see the popup below.  The message you enter here can be anything you'd like.  In general, you might want to enter information here about a special promotion you'll offer them for returning to complete their purchase.  This message will be injected into the "Contact Abandoned Cart Users" e-mail template.  When you're done, click the "Send E-Mails" button.

Your e-mail message will be sent to everyone that was in the contact list, and you'll see that contact list appear in front of you now, allowing you to download them all in a CSV file.

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