Affiliate Payments Report


The Affiliate Payments report shows you all payments made to your affiliates, giving you the opportunity to edit a payment if you wish.  You can also search for and log payments to your affiliates here.  However, you might find making payments for affiliates to be easier in the Affiliates Report.


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • Have access to your Hotcakes store administration
  • Have affiliates on your site, and have at least one affiliate sale and payment made

Getting Started

You'll need to have had affiliates and affiliate activity on your site before this report becomes useful and shows any information.

Affiliate Payments Report

Click the Affiliate Payments menu item from the Reports menu.

Once the report page loads, you'll see a search and some payments, if you have any already made during the default date range.

There is a button in the left panel labeled "Add Payment" that allows you to log a payment to an affiliate, but you'll need to know the affiliate ID beforehand.  You'll likely want to use the Affiliate Report to log payments instead.

Payment Search

The top section of the report allows you to search for specific payments.  The values you enter will end up populating the grid listing below.  By default, it will simply show you all of the payments logged during the current month.

Setting Description
Search If you want to filter the resulting payments that get returned, enter a term here, based upon the selection you intend to make in the Search By field below.
Search By You can search by either Payment ID (default) or Affiliate ID.  If you choose payment ID, the search value must be the exact ID for it to return the payment you're looking for.  When you choose to search by Affiliate ID, you can use a partial search.  For example, "aff" as a search term will return payments for an affiliate ID of "aff," "affiliate,"  "affiliate0001," and "awesomeAffiliate."
Date Range By default, your searches will look for payments logged over the current month.  If you wish to change the date range to look for payments in, select or specify it here.

Payments Listing

If you don't have any payments to show for the search you've entered or the date range you've chosen, this grid will be empty.  Otherwise, you'll see a grid like you see here.

Column Description
Payment ID You'll see the numeric identification number that represents the payment you're looking at.  This is the value that you'd be searching for if you chose to search by Payment ID.
Affiliate ID You'll see the affiliate ID that each respective affiliate chose in this column.  These values are what's used for the partial match search when you search by Affiliate ID.
Date You'll see the date and time that the payment was logged in this column.
Amount Whatever payment amount was specified when logging the payment will be found here.
Memo If there was a memo entered, it will be shown in this column.
[no name] This is an action column, where you can choose to either edit or delete the payment you see in the row.  If you choose to click the first icon, you'll edit the payment.  A popup dialog will open, allowing you to change all of the values.  You'll learn more about the fields in this popup in the affiliate report documentation.  The second icon allows you to permanently delete the payment.
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