Order Details: Edit Order


Even though your customer submits an order, it doesn't mean that it can't be changed later.  Although, for the best customer service experience, they should mostly like be aware that the changes will be or have been made.  

Editing an order might be done for any number of reasons.  Maybe you need to add or calculate shipping afterwards.  Perhaps your client lost their coupon code, but just found it.  You might need to make adjustments because the customer called in and really didn't want 5 of the same baseball cap.  Another reason could be that one of your warehouse workers might have dropped a box, and one of their ordered products is suddenly out of stock.  

The reasons why you might edit an order could go on and on, but you have an easy way to make your clients happy.


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • Have access to your Hotcakes store administration
  • Have at least one order placed to be able to edit
  • Be familiar with the order manager

Getting Started

You won't be able to edit any orders until an order has been placed.

Order Details: Edit Order

If you want to edit an order, you first need to use the order manager to find it.  Once you do, select the order and then choose "Edit Order" in the left panel.

When you first view the edit order form you'll see a header area that's very similar to the main order details view.  Feel free to make any edits that you find necessary, then click the Save Changed button at the bottom.  Your updates will be saved, and the order may be recalculated.

One difference is the E-mail field you see, where the e-mail address the customer entered during checkout will be shown.  If you need to edit the e-mail of change the customer associated to this order for any reason, you can do that by browsing through existing customers, or create a new one.

The next thing you'll see is the shipping and billing addresses.  These are editing and managed the same as any other instance of the address editor, and you can lean more about it in the customer address book documentation.

The next section will show you the products that the customer has ordered.  There will be a row for each product, just like when you say this in the main order details view.  The difference here is that you can change the quantity or delete the line item from the order in the last few columns.

Just below the ordered products, you'll have the ability to find and add more products to the order.  If you're attempting to replace a product, you should first find and add the replacement product, then delete the originally.

If you know the SKU with certainty, simply add the SKU to the textbox, adjust the quantity to the right, and then click the "Add to Order Button."  Otherwise, click the "Browse" button to search based upon your entered text.

When you add a SKU and click "Browse," you'll execute a search as shown below.  This is the standard product picker, only displayed in a slightly different manner.  Use the product picker to find the product you want to add, select it, then click the "Add to Order" button.  When you select a product, depending it's setup and type, you may need to first make one or more selections prior to being able to add it.

The next section has two parts.  First, you'll see the customer's instructions, if any.  The value you see here is mostly likely something they've entered while checking out.  You can edit this if you'd like.

The section on the right side is the same order total summary you've seen before.  You'll see a total of each type of charge and discount here, along with the grand total to be charged to the customer.

Next is the promotional code section.  You can add promotional codes by entering them into the given textbox, then clicking the "Add" button.  It will then appear in the listbox below.

To the right of the promotion code section is the shipping section.  You'll see all available rates for the order, and the one the client chose will be selected.  You can change this selection, and you can also force a shipping rate.  If you enter any value at all, this value will be charged to the customer for shipping, regardless of any qualified promotions or shipping rates selected.

If your customer had already entered any promotion codes, you'll see them in the listbox.  You might find it necessary to delete one from time to time.  If you wish to do this, simply click the desired code, then click the "Delete Selected" button to remove all of the selected coupon codes from the order.

As mentioned above, it may be necessary to click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the edit order view before you see some of your updates applied.  For example, this will be necessary to see what discount a customer might get after adding a promotion code.

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