Most Ideal Screenshots to Send to Support

Screenshots are amazing tools.  A good screenshot can help illustrate a seemingly endless number of details that a description could rarely achieve.  It could also answer numerous questions, which could help shorten the time for support to respond to you and how long it takes to resolve an issue.  

When you provide a screenshot to support, the more that can be seen, the better the screenshot generally is.

In this article, we'll show you a "perfect" screenshot, and then break down the elements of what makes it so helpful.

Screenshot Methods/Tools

Just in case you're not familiar with how to get a screenshot of your website, here are some tips and tools that you can try.

Full Screen Screenshot

Here's an example of a perfect screenshot.  This screenshot gives us all kinds of details, but the most important thing about it is that it communicates a clear picture of where you are experiencing an issue, and what other factors may be contributing to the issue.  As an example, if this view were a form, we might be able to see other setting values that might be unwittingly causing the issue.

Web Browser, Domain, and URL

The first thing we can see is which web browser you're using.  This is a given with this kind of screenshot.  

We can also see your domain name in use, which in some cases will help us look up your account to help populate your license number for you in a support request.

Finally, the full URL helps us to identify a view, which is very helpful, because you may be referring to it with a different name in some cases.  Even we may do that.  When we escalate an issue to our engineering team, this is one of the first things they may look for.

Web Browser Extensions/Plugins

Very often, an installed plugin found in your web browser may contribute to an issue being experienced.  For example, you can see the AdBlocker plugin installed in this browser.  Depending on how your site is put together, this may account for why you don't see a content block or another update appear on your page.

Hotcakes Version Number

Sometimes, it's not easy to communicate which version of Hotcakes you're using.  This is especially true if you're running into an issue that you'd see as being an emergency.  The last thing you'll be concerned with is what version something is (even though we need to know).  In this case, we can quickly see it and move forward with assisting you.

Operating System & Version

The operating system is generally whether you're using Windows or Mac.  This rarely is a factor, but when it is an issue, it's not one that is thought to be asked until all other possible questions have been asked.


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