Hotcakes Product Reviews Module


The product reviews module is a feature that works together with the product viewer module to show your customers the various reviews that previous customers have submitted about your products.  This view could help sell your products for you, based upon the "social proof" generated by your brand advocates.


The following prerequisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • Have access to your Hotcakes store administration
  • Configure your store using the getting started wizard or do it manually
  • Have one or more products and reviews added to view

Getting Started

The information provided here is based upon the default configuration of Hotcakes and the default viewset. Your views may have more or less functionality, depending on how it was implemented by your technical team.

Product Reviews Module

If you used the getting started wizard to setup your store, this module will already be available for you in the Hotcakes Store menu, on the Product Reviews page.  Depending on how your store has been configured since, you might find it somewhere else in your site.

However, navigating directly to this module will not show you anything.  The module uses the URL to determine which product it should be showing reviews for.  If you navigate directly to the module, it won't know which product to show reviews for.  If a visitor comes directly to this page without being logged in with a user account that can manage the page, it will instead redirect the visitor to the website's homepage.

You'll find a link to see the reviews on any product details page (using the product viewer module), just below the first few available reviews.

When you arrive on the page, you'll see the approved reviews for the product listed.  All other reviews that haven't yet been approved will remain hidden.  The order of the reviews can be influenced by the karma scores you give them when moderating reviews.

The average rating is calculated dynamically based upon the ratings of the existing reviews found.

Each review is listed showing it's rating, date, full text of the review, and who submitted the review (when possible).

The reviews page finally ends with a link to return to the product that these reviews relate to.

Page Meta Data

If you're not familiar with the page's meta data, this includes things like the page title, description, and keywords.  These values are mostly used by search engines to help index and return web pages when people search for them.  This module will dynamically update your page's meta data when the page is loaded.

The page title will be "Reviews:" followed by the name you've given the product.  The description and keywords follow the same pattern -reusing the product's meta data for this page.

Module Settings

This module has settings that are unique to how it works on your site for you and your customer.  If you're not already familiar with how module settings work, you should see the module settings documentation to learn more.

Setting Description
View This read-only setting will simply show you the view that was selected before viewing the current settings.
Select a View If you wish to change the view that's being used to display the reviews, select the alternative view.  You'll of course see "Index" as an option, but there will also be a "TopReviews" view available as an out-of-the-box choice as well.  The "TopReviews" view is the same view being used by your product details (product viewer) view.

Viewset View Location

You'll find the views for this module in the following location in your viewset:



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