REST API Endpoints for Product Variant SKU's


Product variants allow merchants to group various options together to allow customers to choose from a pre-defined selection of options that can each be a different type of the same product.  This difference is known as a variant and can be commonly seen in things like sizes and colors of a product.  Variants also allow for the different type of the same product to be tracked in inventory differently, charged for at a different price, as well as having a different SKU.  This area of the API allows you to manage how that is done.


The following pre-requisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • General understanding of REST and API’s
  • Understanding of C# and/or JavaScript

Getting Started

If you haven’t already done so, you should probably have a development environment ready to development against, complete with Hotcakes installed and configured.

REST API Endpoints for Product Variant SKUs

There is currently only one endpoint required to manage SKU's for product variants.  That endpoint is detailed below.

Endpoint Return Type Description
ProductVariantUpdateSku Boolean Updates an existing product variant with the SKU provided.


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