TaxDTO Object


The REST API makes extensive use of the TaxDTO object whenever working with a single category.  This article will help you to know the various members of this object.


The following pre-requisites will be necessary to accomplish the goals of this article:

  • General understanding of REST and API’s
  • Understanding of C# and/or JavaScript

Getting Started

There are no tasks needed to get started with understanding this object. 


The TaxDTO object will contain all of the details of a single tax for your Hotcakes Commerce store.


The following table gives you details on the various members of the TaxDTO object.  The descriptions are based upon default functionality and the default Viewset included with Hotcakes.

Member Default Description
ApplyToShipping false If true, the tax rate specified for ShippingRate will be applied to orders when they match this zone.
CountryIsoAlpha3 (empty string) A unique three letter code that identifies a country following the alpha 3 standard for this tax zone.
Id 0 The unique identifier or primary key of the tax object.
PostalCode (empty string) The postal or zip code for the matching tax zone.
Rate 0 This is the decimal representation of the tax rate for this zone.
RegionAbbreviation (empty string) The two letter abbreviation for the region matching this tax zone.
ShippingRate 0 This is the decimal representation of the tax rate to apply to this zone.
StoreId 0 This is the ID of the Hotcakes store. Typically, this is 1, except in multi-tenant environments.
TaxScheduleId 0 This is the ID of the tax schedule that this tax zone belongs to.


Example of CategoryDTO


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