Version 01.08.00

Hotcakes 1.7.0 is Ready!

Version v01.08.00


  • Evoq 8
    - Hotcakes has been tested and verified to work with Evoq 8
  • Hosted Trial
    - Trying out Hotcakes no longer requires any installation.
    - Trial environments are generated on-demand at your convenience.
  • Performance Updates
    - Only creating carts for visitors that need them
    - Increased performance for product import and export
    - Increased use of and enhanced caching support
    - Decreased the number of database calls across the entire application
    - Removed all potential memory leaks
    - Database clean-up on upgrade to remove orphaned and unnecessary data
  • CMS Data Provider Token Support
    - Object Qualifier and Database Owner tokens are now fully supported in all hosting environments
    - IMPORTANT! If you're upgrading a site using object qualifiers contact us BEFORE you attempt to upgrade.


  • 14809 - PI: Localize Order Summary Loading Message - The order summary loading message can now be translated in custom viewsets.
  • 13880 - PI: New promo to identify cart total for products in a specific category - You can now create promotions for products in a specific category separately from products not in the same category.
  • 10750 - CI: One-Click uninstall - You can now elegantly uninstall the module from a development environment with a single click.
  • 14725 - PI: Gift Card Search - It is now possible to search for gift cards by the remaining balance.
  • 14940 - Mini Profiler Integration - A mini profiler has been integrated that allows developers to look into possible performance issues.
  • 15297 - PI: PayPal Express Shipping/Totals - PayPal now includes enhanced shipping and total information for the customer.
  • 14771 - Validation Message Localization - Validation messages can now be completely translated by designers and developers.
  • 15448 - Enhanced MVC Support - Ensured that all versions of MVC are supported.
  • 15089 - SI: Cart Creation - Only create carts for customers that choose to add a product to their cart.
  • 14967 - CI: Cart Quantity for Line Items - Increase quantity for same products when they're added to the cart, instead of adding a new line item.
  • 15613 - PI: Shipping Calculation - We only show the shipping calculation option in the cart when there is at least one shippable line item in the cart.
  • 15000 - Order Details/Edit View - Redesigned the order details and editing user experience.
  • 15991 - SI: Object Qualifier Support - Object qualifiers can now be used in databases safely.
  • 15752 - SI: Cart Recalculation - The cart is now re-calculated when a customer logs in or out to reflect accurate sales.
  • 15941 - PI: Affiliate Registration - The first name and last name are now always required if they're not already in the customer's user profile.
  • 15553 - SI: Product Import/Export - The import/export process has been refactored to run faster in all scenarios and prevents crashes from larger product catalogs.
  • 12392 - HTML Choice in Product Import/Export - The HTML choice is now imported and exported in the product import/export process.
  • 11075 - Find Low Inventory Products - Low inventory products can be found more easily by using a new filter in the product listing administration page.
  • 15842 - Allow Products to be Free Shipping - Products can be completely excluded from the shipping calculation process for stores that never charge shipping for certain products.
  • 16084 - Pinterest - Pinterest is now supported out of the box to allow your customers to “pin” your products to their profiles.
  • 16206 - Save Addresses to Address Book - Addresses entered during checkout were always saved to the customer's profile. Now they're also saved to the customer's address book automatically.
  • 18088 - CI: Add IsSearchable to ProductDTO - You can now get and set the IsSearchable property from products in the REST API.

Bug Fixes

  • 14497 - Category Viewer drill down shows nothing in Evoq Social.
  • 14657 - Category Viewer drill down shows <strike> when promotions are applied.
  • 14572 - Critical error when deleting product types with security roles assigned.
  • 14405 - Ensured all dates are properly converted to and from the UTC format.
  • 14500 - Coupon code length cannot be longer than 50 characters.
  • 14544 - Vendors cannot be found in search in some scenarios.
  • 14582 - Empty customer`s profile viewed from Edit Address Book page.
  • 14641 - Unable to assign role to a customer.
  • 14664 - Total before VAT shows the Total including VAT.
  • 14751 - Tax is not recalculated in some non-US scenarios
  • 8012 - PayPal Express First/Last name may be changed
  • 14720 - Gift card number not shown on Checkout Receipt page
  • 14816 - PayPal Express checkout issues with non-shipping orders
  • 15410 - Order management can crash due to missing localization keys
  • 15415 - Decimal store settings may change value when culture/currency is changed
  • 15295 - Order can be placed without card expiration month and year
  • 15328 - Invalid email address generates internal server error in guest checkout
  • 15329 - Incorrect order calculation for sales promotion
  • 15412 - Merchant cannot save product choices
  • 15500 - Critical error occurs when editing reviews in administration
  • 16129 - SI: Search Results are slow and timeout with YSOD with larger catalogs
  • 15679 - SI: Partially paid order occurs in checkout in scenarios with slow internet connectivity
  • 14982 - PI: OrderShip email template doesn't replace Package tokens
  • 14990 - CI: Package Shipping Server token does not contain correct shipping info
  • 16082 - CI Open Graph Protocol title is not correct
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