[LEGACY] How to find the version of the CMS

Outdated Article

This article is outdated as of Hotcakes version 3.0 and only useful for reference.

When you submit a support request, you're given the option to tell us the version number of the CMS you're running.  This is especially important for all issues reported by designers and developers.  

When you're asked for this information, or when you see it as an option in the new request form, you can find the number by following the steps below.

First, login using a superuser account.  Once you do, you'll see a Host menu available in your control panel.  Hover over that and choose the Dashboard option.

The Dashboard view is very helpful to gather all kinds of technical information. You can even export that information to make it easier to determine version compatibility issues of everything in your environment.

Next, choose the Host tab, and you'll see the CMS version number there.  The image below should help you find it.

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