Congratulations on Your New Hotcakes Purchase!

If you're reading this, either you're interested in Hotcakes Commerce, or you just purchased a plan.  Either way, we're excited to have you.  Thank you for your interest and for being one of our customers.  

New Cloud Customer: First Steps

Now that you've purchased Hotcakes, your site is being properly provisioned.  

If you have an existing trial site, you can continue to use and update your existing trial site.  We'll be upgrading that for you in the background and you won't even notice a second of downtime. That is, if you told us about your trial site during the checkout process.

If you don't have a trial site yet, don't worry.  The process with take a few moments longer, but we'll create your site for you.  

In either case, you'll receive an e-mail notification shortly after that will give you details about your site and how to access it. 

New On Premise Customer: First Steps

Your next steps depend entirely upon you and the partner that you chose to purchase through, as they might be taking care of some of the steps for you.  Please remain in contact with that partner for your next steps.

After You Get Your Site

If you didn't already have your site, you can begin working on it once you receive the details on how to do so.  It's up to you as to what you do that that point.  You can begin building pages, adding products to your catalog, development, design, and more.  

Update Your Domain Name

The "domain name" is the value you and your customers will enter into the web browser to view your site, such as  Right now, your site is using a temporary domain name.  When you're ready, we can change your domain name for you on the server, but you'll also need to update your domain name on your site after we make that update.  

  1. Purchase your domain name using your preferred domain name registrar (e.g., Dotster, GoDaddy, etc.).
  2. Update the DNS for your domain name at your chosen domain registrar.  (You'll need to know the IP address first.)
  3. Open a support request with us to add the domain name to your account.
  4. Update the domain name in your site.  (We can also do this for you.)

Add SSL to Your Site

You really should be using SSL on any website, but this is especially important if you're accepting credit cards directly on your own website.  In fact, it's a requirement to pass any kind of security certification process, such as PCI.  

Hotcakes Cloud Customers

Once your site is using the correct domain name, you'll need to purchase your SSL certificate from any of the known SSL providers out there.  They'll end up providing you with information on how to apply your SSL certificate.  Once you receive that information, simply open a support request with our team and we'll get your SSL certificate installed for you.

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On Premise Customers

If you're hosting your own site, you need to speak to your own technical team on how to apply your SSL certificate.

Activate Your License

One thing you'll want to do is make sure you activate your production site (when you're ready).  Never activate your license on non-production sites, unless you've purchased additional license keys.  

If you're a cloud customer, you can get your license key directly from your order receipt.  On premise customers can get their license key from the partner who you purchased through.  You can also create a support request to get your license key.

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